Administrative Package

Why having the Administrative Package?

Local phone number and fax number

Local support four your trips

Daily forward of mails received

Test new markets with low investment

Professional support of Brasia

Establish a corporate identity

Hong Kong structure consulting service

Hong Kong Structure Consulting

Brasia will help you to understand the requirements for a structure in Hong Kong, providing you information to decide the best structure for your business.

Daily Mail Forwarding

In order to keep you always updated about the communication received by your company, Brasia will inform to you any mail received and forward them daily via email or courier if requested. Our team will also assist you to understand the letters received.

Telephone Line

Your company will have a local phone number with telephone answering service and voice mail. Brasia will transfer the phone calls to your local or international designated number if requested. These services can be personalized and exclusive to your company.

Meeting room and Other Facilities

When visiting Brasia’s offices, you have access to printers, the internet, telephones and meeting rooms.
Use of local fax number for fax receiving and daily fax forwarding service to your designated email.
Hotel and transportation reservations when visiting Hong Kong.


Website and Domain Registration

Brasia is able to assist you to register a domain, website hosting and email account for your company in Hong Kong.