Banking Services &
Financial Solutions

Banking Services

Bank account management

Brasia will manage your bank account and liaise with banks for any enquires, such as access, bank activities, amendments or any other banking-related services required.

Maintain Relationship with Banks

Brasia cultivates and sustains long term and solid relationship with major banks in Hong Kong, facilitating our client’s businesses.


Payments, Transfers & Authorized Signatory

Brasia can act as the authorized entity of your Hong Kong company. We can support in the banking activities, such as payments,
transfers, signatures, consultations, bank drafts, cashiers’ orders, issuing cheques, filling out bank forms and demands that requests the presence in the bank branch.
You decide the processes and limits of Brasia’s bank access and give us instructions in advance for every transaction.


Financial Solutions

Negotiating Credit lines with Banks

Brasia will help you to obtain a credit line to finance your business activities and negotiate better prices with your suppliers, taking advantage of the competitive interest rates in Hong Kong.

We will facilitate the negotiation and application process of a credit line to allow your business to grow.

Support in Letters of Credit

Brasia will help you to handle letters of credit by applying, receiving or transferring the documents, which normally needs to be done in person in the Hong Kong bank branches, filling out bank forms and advising on the drafting of the letters.

We also help you to check that the information on the documents is in accordance with the requirements of the letters of credit in order to avoid discrepancies that might delay the shipment process.

We communicate with the bank during the whole process and keep you updated

Related Services

Accounting and Auditing

– Checking accounting records and filing
Accounting and audit closure, according to local regulations
– Financial and management reports in BRL, Portuguese and Brasilian standarts
– Using SAP Software
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Back Office

– Invoicing
– Reissue of commercial documents and shipping documents through Hong Kong company
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Open your Hong Kong Company Today!

– Incorporation and registration
– Support in opening a bank account
– Corporate Secretary
– Registered address
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