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Registration of the company in China


Employee management and Payroll

Bank account management


Corporate tax filing and returns in Chinese

VAT refund application

Application for licenses

Liaison with Chinese authorities

Use of our address as your China platform

Most Common Entities in China

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

A WFOE is a limited liability company wholly owned by foreign investors/shareholders. This company can manufacture, process, assemble, distribute, trade or deliver services or goods in the local market, import or export.

Joint Ventures (JV)

A JV is a type of company undertaken jointly by two or more parties, usually a Chinese partner with a foreigner partner. Brasia can help you to find the right partner, promote due diligence, liaise in the negotiations and prepare Joint Venture Agreements.

Representative Offices

A RO is an office established by a company to conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations. This office is not considered a separate legal entity and can hire a limited number of staff. This kind of office cannot issue invoices nor have commercial operations.

Factories, warehouses and trading companies

Brasia can help you to set up your factory, warehouse or trading company in China from scratch and support you through the whole process. Your company will be able to consolidate shipments, have its own team, set up a production line and establish your brand internationally.
This company will have import and export rights and will be able to sell in the domestic market, issue VAT invoices and take advantage of the Chinese tax rebate.

Structuring Consulting

Brasia can advise you on the best structure for your business in China and provide you with all the necessary information and planning, using one or a combination of different types of companies.

As an external independent third party, Brasia can closely supervise and manage your daily operations in China through our local and specialized team.

If you would like to know more about starting your company or business in China, consult our advisors at

Registration of a company takes from 3 to 6 months and a minimum capital is generally required by the Chinese government depending on the company application and the locality. Specific licenses and requirements will also depend on location and the type of business.

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