E-Commerce China

Have you ever thought about selling your products in China directly to the end buyer?

Brasia, together with its partners, is launching a totally new concept of e-commerce platform in China for the sale of exclusive imported products directly to the end buyer.
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    Low Investment

    Your product delivered in China is the only investment you need to make in order to participate. The platform will take care of everything else

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    Original Packaging

    Sale of your product with the original packaging

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    No Product Licenses Needed

    It is not necessary to apply for certificates / product licenses in China

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    No Advertising Costs

    The platform will take care of the advertisment of the product in China

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    Free Trade Zones

    Access to the growing Chinese market through free trade zones

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    Direct Sale

    of your product to Chinese consumers without intermediaries

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    Maximizing profits

    Possibility of higher profits if compared with the traditional export model

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    Increased Exposure

    of your brand

Join the fastest growing consumer market in the world!

Contact Brasia if you wish to receive more details about this project through info@brasia.hk.