Hong Kong Company Structuring

Your Hong Kong Company – The Advantages

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    No restrictions on movement of capital

    Ensuring immediate and absolute control and flexibility over funds

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    Efficient Administration

    Efficient, transparent and corruption-free administration

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    Ease in communications, with English and Chinese as official languages​​

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    Competitive Economy

    A competitive economy that constantly generates business

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    The most liberal economy in the world, with few controls and no trade barriers;

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    Low Taxes

    One of the most friendly tax policies in the world and agreements with China to avoid double taxation

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    Highly qualified employees

    Pool of well-educated professionals, mostly English speakers. Simple to recruit professionals from overseas

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    CEPA Agreement

    Direct access to China due to the CEPA, the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between China and Hong Kong

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    Political stability

    Political stability, with a legal system based on British ‘common law’

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    Secrecy on all operations

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    Free Port

    Free port that thrives on free trade of imports and exports.

You have the idea – we take care of the rest

Incorporation and Registration

– Incorporation and structuring of a Hong Kong limited company, including preparation of a standard Articles of Association(AA) and related incorporation documents, printing cost of 20 copies of the AA, shares certificate, statutory book, common seal and company chops.
– All incorporation documents are provided in English.
– Includes all government fees.

Registered & Commercial Address

According to Hong Kong law, all companies must have a registered address. Brasia can provide the registered address for your company. The address can also be used as a commercial address in the company’s invoices and shipping documents, marketing materials, company webpage and other company materials.

Corporate Secretary

It is mandatory to appoint a Company Secretary, who can either be an individual or a company but must be resident in Hong Kong. The Company Secretary is responsible for the Registrar of Companies and for administrating the company’s statutory records.
Brasia can be nominated as your Corporate Secretary.

Support for bank account application

Support in the communication with banks in Hong Kong and help in organizing the required information for a local business account application.
The bank account usually includes ATM card, internet banking, phone banking, foreign currency, savings and time deposits.
The approval of the account opening will be at the discretion of the bank.


Brasia advises you on the best way to structure your business in Asia using an offshore company in Hong Kong.
When setting up a company in Hong Kong, there are no limitations on shareholder: it can be a natural person, a foreign company or a fund. The most common form is the Private Limited Company, in which any liabilities are limited by share.

The required minimum capital is HKD1 (USD 0.13). There is no obligation to subscribe and pay up further capital. The time frame for setting up a company is around seven working days. Please contact us to obtain a list of documents necessary for the incorporation.

Brasia can provide the mandatory Hong Kong address and act as the corporate secretary of your company. We can also provide support on finding your own location with your own staff.

Please also feel free to consult us on “shelf companies” availability.

If you would like to know more about starting your company or business in Hong Kong, consult our advisors at info@brasia.hk”

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