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Why social responsibility at factories matters?

Brasia, 28th October 2019

When you are looking for a factory, we believe you hope the factory which you are looking for can pay attention to social responsibility. Of course, no one wants to buy products from a factory which hires child labor, forced labor, requests long working hours or offers unfair wages, etc.

Recently, the Canadian yoga pants specialist Lululemon Athletica Inc, has been found by The Guardian newspaper to be connected to such kind of company. The newspaper reported that one of Lululemon’s factories treated their workers inappropriately, verbally abusing them, beating their workers and forcing them to work overtime on only a minimum wage.

Even though Lululemon visited the factory to speak with the workers and set up an independent investigation after these allegations, it was not enough to avoid disappointment among their clients. Due to their supplier’s lack of social responsibility, Lululemon’s brand image has been severely damaged. On social medial, some people are encouraging others not to buy from Lululemon anymore.

The cost and quality of products are very important, but the social responsibility should not be disregarded.

Besides reducing quality risks and costs as well, social responsibility can help to improve the quality of life of employees and consequently affects the quality of products as well.

By bringing ethics into your business, you will be able to create benefits for the public, improve your brand image as well as help to decrease negative behaviors.

A solution to minimize the risks when buying from China is settle your own supplier certification and quality staffs in Asia to be close to the suppliers or hiring independent service providers according to your import volumes.

We will be happy to discuss the best alternatives for your company and support you through our services.

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